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Why don’t we share God? 2014 Time With God Challenge Part 2

on January 12, 2014

The pastor that spoke at my church today posed to us the following question:

“Why don’t we share God?”

One reason given as to why many don’t share is “Because we (those who believe) feel were they are not qualified to share.”   He went on to say, you don’t need to be a scholar to share Him.  If you have a personal relationship with God then that already qualifies you 🙂

This is what I am trying to do with the 2014 Time with God Challenge, it’s one of the ways I am sharing God with others.  I know God loves me, has great mercy, forgiveness and grace for me and I want others to know it too.  He already loves you, you don’t have to earn it!

 What God really wants is a relationship with you.  

The second reason given as to why we don’t share was “We don’t know what to do”.  His suggestion was invest in people (care and befriend) and invite people.  As I mentioned earlier in the week on the Facebook event page (click here to join) God already has a place waiting for you at His table you just need to accept His invitation, but how can you if no one ever asks?

Still unsure how to share God in your life?  Maybe this week you could add that to your prayer during your daily quiet time.  Ask Him to show the best way to share.




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  1. run50states says:

    Lovely verse! Touches my heart!

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