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Runfyhp 30 Minute Home Workout

on March 11, 2014

I workout at home or outside 99% of the time.  I enjoy it, I know how to push myself and I have a schedule that works for me.

Lately on days I don’t run I have been doing a boot camp boxing or a kettle bell video.  However today I decided to create a home full body workout HIIT workout (with the option of extra challenges) check it out:


I set my HIIT timer as follows:

Five minute warm up.…arm circles, marching in place, etc.  Just get your body warmed up and moving!

1:30 of Work to 1 minute of rest between rounds


2 minute cool down (always take more if you need it)


The Work:

10 jumping jacks  * for an added challenge add a small weighted ball and lift it up and down above your head while performing the jacks.

10 squats with or without weight * for a challenge I held a 6 lb weighted ball held out in front of me to engage my abs or you could  do jump squats

10 push ups (modified to knees if you have to, no biggie, just get them in)

10 “sit ups”  I changed up which kind with each round to hit upper, lower, middle. crunches, twists, butterfly sit-ups etc.  * for a challenge I also used the 6 lb weighted ball with most. 

Jump rope for the reminder of the round (no jump rope, no problem!) just air jump rope * for a challenge try to beat the number of jumps with each round 🙂

2 minute (or more) cool down

Total Time 30 minutes 

The great thing is time flies by and 30 minutes is over before you know it!  The idea is to keep moving from from exercise to exercise quickly, no breaks until you get to the 1 minute rest period.

Let me know if you try it out 🙂

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2 Responses to “Runfyhp 30 Minute Home Workout”

  1. christyruns says:

    Looks like a great workout, I always workout at home too so I am always looking for new ideas on things to do. I will pin this for later since today is a rest day.

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