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Have you ever wanted to be a Dirty Girl? Me too!!!

on April 10, 2014

Ok, ok get your minds out of the gutter and into the MUD!!!!

I am so excited to announce I have been asked to be an Ambassador with….

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.33.33 PM

So what is the Dirty Girl?

Dirty Girl is a 5k mud run.  And it’s the largest women’s only 5k mud run and obstacle series in the country

Who can participate?

At Dirty Girl they aren’t about who finishes first.  All obstacles are optional and ALL fitness levels are invited to participate.

What is the idea behind Dirty Girl?

The race is built around creating a day that encourages women to get out there and do something unexpected with their friends/loved ones.

What about the obstacles?

There is everything from the “Get-A-Grip” net to a “Down and Dirty” crawl.  With 10-12 obstacles per race you are sure to get some good “dirty” fun!  (remember all obstacles are optional so if you’re not comfortable doing one you’re welcome to pass it by) No pressure just lots of muddy fun for everyone!

I am still fairly new to Mud Runs, but man I enjoyed my first one so much I can’t wait for this new experience with Dirty Girl!!

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Do you want to join me in Virginia Beach or try a Dirty Girl Mud Run in your state?  

USE CODE   BLOGFRIEND for $10 off!




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