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How’s it going so far 2014?

on April 15, 2014


It’s April already?  Although you wouldn’t probably guess that by the weather in post places….but I digress. The first quarter of the year has flown by for me.  How about you?

I thought this month might be a great time to check in and share how 2014’s been going so far…..

Diet:  (still hate that word, so lets call it what it is….My new way of eating)

I am enjoying being mostly paleo /gluten-free and low carb (I went paleo/gluten-free the beginning of Jan and low carb the middle of Jan).  A year ago you would NEVER have heard those words come from my mouth I assure you!  But I am full of energy, feeling healthy, strong and better than I have all around in a long time.  If your asking why in the would I would do such a drastic thing in such a short period of time I have one word for you.  Alzheimer’s   There is a lot of evidence being uncovered between the brain / gut connection.  My grandmother had and my mother has dementia/Alzheimer’s.  If I can prevent it through diet I am 100% on board!!!  It’s just a heartbreaking disease. 🙁

*if you want to learn more about the brain/gut connection I suggest you read “Gran Brain” or just do a google search on the subject.  You might be surprised what you learn.

Year of the veggies:

Still going strong on the year of the veggies.  I eat my greens every day!  Spinach is still my go-to veggie.


I am actually enjoying my scaled back distances.  I think I was just burned out.  Sometimes taking a step back is actually a giant step forward!  I still do short runs and HIIT.  I am scheduled for a few 5k virtuals and the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

Beast Mode On

I am really enjoying my second round of Body Beast.  I did my first round last year and decided not to continue.  I continued to lift on my own on days I didn’t run.  But this year was a perfect time for me to jump back into the program.  I think I am getting better results this time for a few reasons.  1)  I am not running as much so my body is adapting better 2) My nutrition is way better this round.  The low carb thing isn’t leading to huge gains, however I am trying some new ways to work with that.  My “save the brain” diet is priority to me over muscle gains.  I would rather be cut and lucid than bigger and possibly losing my mind ;).  I have dropped body fat without dropping much weight.  Score!


I am still doing my Oil Cleansing Method, I started in November, and still loving it!  I continue to research and evolve my own personal combination of oils and that work best for me.  My skin is clearer and just well, looking nice.  The diet isn’t hurting that either!  If you want to read more about my OCM experience click here for my post “OCM – What is it? Is it for you?”

So what about you?  How are your goals turning out so far in 2014.

 I would love to hear about it.  Sharing and motivation are ALWAYS welcome!




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