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Weekend SHOUT OUT!! May 30 2014

Since most posts aren’t seen by many people on Facebook I will be including the Weekend SHOUT OUT on the blog each Friday.

Not familiar with the Weekend SHOUT OUT?  

Every Thursday we do a shout out sign up list.  Just comment on the Facebook post if your racing that weekend,  and on Friday I post a SHOUT OUT list so we can cheer each other on.  So check out the Facebook page every Thursday to “Get on it” and Friday we will treat you like the Rock Star you are!!

Here are this weekends racers.  Good luck everyone!


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Motivational Monday – Never Forget


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Motivational Monday – Your Gifts, Loving and Serving Others

These days we see so many people getting wrapped up in me, Me, ME!!!  I know I have been there.  Have you?  Our priorities as so easily swayed between all the technology and media we get in our lives in this “modern” age.

One thing I am trying (note: trying) to focus on is serving.  In both my family, my church and my community.  Now that doesn’t mean I have to sign up for every opportunity, show up at every school or church event, or over schedule myself to feel fulfilled.  God doesn’t want us to be constantly overburdened and we certainly don’t need to do good works to earn His love.  For God’s love cannot be earned because it is given to us freely.

Romans 5:5

We’re not ashamed to have this confidence, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
What is does mean is that I need to put God in the forefront of my life.  I need to make Him my priority, by working on my love relationship with him.  In turn I can show his love by serving others with the love of Christ thru my actions (serving), words (caring) and thoughts (praying).    By combining all those things I am loving God first.

Is it Time for a Change? Are you Listening to You?

I had to ask myself this tough question a few months ago.  I had run myself into a rut (literally) and it was time for some change.  I didn’t give up or give in I looked at myself and decided that it was time for a new direction.  Now my fitness is more about balance.  I run, I lift, I workout but most importantly I am happy 🙂   Does this sound like you?

As I have mentioned in previous posts this year I felt a lot of pressure to keep doing long distance running but each run felt like a chore to me.  I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore.  My race schedule just never panned out and I was getting frustrated.  All the signs were pointing in the wrong direction,  I think God was trying to tell me something….I just wasn’t listening.  I tend to be a bit stubborn like that. 😉

Life is about balance and priorities.  I needed to get my priorities straight in all aspects of my life.  God, Family and working out.  Now I am feeling re-energized and more fulfilled.  Is everything perfect?  Of course not. But now I am listening.  Are you listening to what God is trying to tell you?




Motivational Wed? Yes it is!

I missed my Motivational Monday post this week (first one in a long time) because I attended a wonderful 4 day church event and honestly when I got home I was spiritually full, and mentally and physically exhausted!!!

So instead you’re getting an extra special Motivational Monday…..on Wednesday 😉   Take the opportunities placed before you and give it your all!  Will you always be successful….no.  But I promise you, you WILL grow in some way.  Wether it be spiritually, physically or mentally.  Just be sure to give it your best.


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