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Time with God Challenge returns for 2015! Join us

on January 6, 2015

I am happy to announce the return of the Time with God Challenge for 2015.

2014 proved to be a wonderful experience and a chance to support each other with faith.  We welcome everyone who is interested in some extra support, faith and love in the new year.  This year I will be including a prayer “wall” that anyone can post to for additional prayers for any struggles they are going thru or any praises they would like to share.

The Time with God Challenge is not meant to put extra pressure on you, to judge you when you don’t spend the time, but rather to support and encourage to work on the THE most important relationship in your life.  No one is perfect and we are a judge free zone.

God is good and I want everyone to know it!  Click on the link to join us for the 2015 Facebook event



Would love to hear from you!