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Motivational Monday March 3 2015 – The Light

on March 2, 2015

As I continue to look forward to Easter I am continuing to work on my “Faith and Fitness” Challenge for Lent which I had announced on both my Instagram and Facebook pages.  In case you missed the details here they are ….

The challenge:  Pick a Psalm or Proverb* each day prior to your workout.  Then use it as your spiritual reflection during your workout.   Click here for a short video 🙂 ——–>  IMG_7013

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.25.20 AM

*obviously these are just suggestions, any verse special to you would be perfect!  Its your time with God 🙂

Don’t worry about being perfect (we don’t judge here, that’s not my job)  and I have to admit I have not been perfect in picking out my verse prior to each workout.  But I am not giving up and am making the effort to put God first each day.  I am even hoping that in these 40 days picking a verse will not only become a habit but a joy to me, making not only my workout, but my each day more meaningful.

Personally I have also found that writing out the verse I picked out helps me to memorize it.  Also keeping it in front of my on the treadmill reminds me to focus back on it during my run.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.33.38 AM


Here was my verse for today.  As I reflected on it I realized that there are no wrong paths when we follow God.  If something doesn’t work out how we think it should its not a wrong road but rather a lesson God needed us to learn.

Have a great week!!!




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