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Bucket List – Big Sur with my Sur-Ogate Sisters

What was the biggest of my bucket list items in California?  Run Big Sur.

And I had three (actually four) wonderful ladies help me make that happen.  I was excited to get a relay team together. The Sur-Ogate sisters, originally Molly, Sharon, Staci and I.  Not only did these ladies agree to run with me, they generously let me pick what most say is the most beautiful part of the course.  Relay leg 3.  Sadly Molly got hurt about a week out from the race but we were fortunate enough to be able to sub in another speedy Runner and Tri-Athlete, Ashley to take her spot.

Leg 3 treks from Little Sur River Bridge to Garapatta Bridge.  Leg 3 also includes Hurricane Point, a 2 mile steady climb with just a little elevation 😉 , and rolling terrain thereafter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.25.44 PM


I have no idea how far into the climb we were but it was a beautiful one.

The most intimidating part for me was waiting at the exchange area which was just before Hurricane Point. Anticipating that climb while waiting for my turn to run.  I will tell you it was TOTALLY worth it.  The beauty of Big Sur with the bonus of getting to run over the famous Bixby Bridge made the miles fly by!


Sharon started leg 3 with me and was nice to snap this pic for me before I headed up Hurricane Point.


After a few “hills”, including Hurricane Point, we got a nice glimpse of Bixby Bridge before getting to run over it!


Big Sur beauty at its finest. The ocean here is honestly such a beautiful contrast of blues and greens.

After my (totally flat) race in January I knew I had to seriously put hills into my training plan on a much more regular basis than I ever have before.  Minimum of one hill run a week. Not only did I not want to not die heading up Hurricane Point, but I also wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  Coming from Virginia Beach, VA or as I like to say the “pancake flat lands” California hills have been a growing experience for me.  I used both local hills around my house and, specifically the “DJ Run those Hills” class on my Aaptiv App.  I am very happy to say its paid off!  I wasn’t able to speed up the hills but I managed them just fine and actually enjoyed them.  Along with some generous downhills I even managed a PR for my 10k distance (say what?!?) during my 7.2 miles.  Crazy considering I stopped to take pictures too!


Had to stop and take some pictures!

If you ever have the chance to participate in any of the Big Sur Marathon Weekend races, but specifically any that follow all or some of the Marathon course, I would HIGHLY recommend it!  I have run in some beautiful places but Big Sur is just breathtaking!

With the help of my speedy cohorts Sharon (Rungry Runner) Ashley “The Rocket” (All Things Tri Gal 1) and Staci (Carmel Food Tours) we placed a respectable 15 out of 48 teams in the Open Female Division.  Not. Too. Shabby.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.22.50 PM

Sharon (Rungy Runner) and I after my leg of the relay.


Ashley, Myself and Sharon. We missed Staci at the end because we had to wait for our relay busses.

The weather was absolutely fantastic and as usual Big Sur International Marathon put on a very well-organized race.

So thank you Sharon, Ashley, Staci and Molly for helping me put another BIG check on my running checklist.  I will miss you all.

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