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Sometimes You Do What You Can..Not What You Want

When your injured should you stop running?  Asking for a “friend”

So I have an injury.  Yup it sucks.  It’s my hip. Bursitis and a small hip strain.  Its been weeks since it happened, and its been almost a month since I have run any true long miles. And every time it felt better I would try again…too soon. Forward one step, back 3.  Sigh.

So for weeks I have been strengthening and stretching and trying agin.  Thank goodness the bursitis seems to be gone! But not the hip strain.  So I continued to make the mistake of trying to run again too early.  OK so I can’t run, I’ll try run/walk.  Nope.  For weeks I have been doing my best to make lemons into lemonade.  And I have, well sort of.  I was still trying to run.  I was smart and deferred my half last weekend until 2018.  Then finally a few days ago I had my breakdown.  You know the kind when you really don’t want to admit you need to stop running but you finally do.  It was unpleasant. I was unpleasant.  There “may” have been some tears.  But I knew I had to force myself to stop running. Reality meet Darlena…Darlena meet with reality and deal with it.

But you know what?  That night after my meltdown I was lying in bed and thought “You really need to put on your big girl pants and deal with this.”  And three things came to my mind:

1) I will not let this define me (I am a child of God first and he loves me whether I can run right now or not)

2)  I will not let it control my mood (there are a lot worse things that could happen)

3) Lets do everything I can do instead of focusing on what I can’t (or at least shouldn’t be) doing.

So the next morning I reached out to a Coach for some advice on how to keep up my endurance, as best I can, while resting my hip.  Lucky for me spinning does NOT bother it.  I have been spinning when I wasn’t attempting to run.  I just needed some advice on how much/ how often.  If I had a pool I would use that too but I don’t 🙁

That morning I put on my cutest Skirt Sports Skirt and my Team Tough Chik tank. Took a spin class.  Continued my hip strength exercises (I have been doing them for a month already) and stretched.   Now that’s how you make lemonade from lemons people!


I also received great feedback from a Coach on how often and long I need to ride in order to try to keep up my endurance as best I can.  I am also to keep up my strength & stretch work.  I am registered for Disney Wine & Dine Half in November even if I have to walk it.  We will see but even if I do 13,1 miles is still a far walk!

So today I did a 2 hour ride.  Sorry no pic, but lets just say it was pretty sweaty!  Thanks to the **Aaptiv app I was able to modify a few classes to keep them in my aerobic zone to simulate a LSD run.  2 Hours is no joke but I am glad I did it AND my hip feels fine 🙂

22406255_10212821816174076_6973948468278831532_n IMG_4341


So here’s is to doing what you can even if its not 100% what you want.  And in the end I am going to have some killer buns from all this bike work.  🙂  Wish me luck!

BTW: if your interested in trying Aaptiv I can give you a free 30 days just click on the Aaptiv Link on the upper right of my page. I am an ambassador BUT I AM NOT compensated in any way by Aaptiv.  I just really love it.