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Sharing a Few Apps I Love – Oh and They are FREE

Yup there’s an app for that!   I am sure you have heard that more than once, I sure know I have.

There are a few apps that I love and use monthly, weekly and even daily.  I thought I would share some with you.  And did I mention they are all FREE 🙂  you’re welcome.  **(please note I am not associated or employed by any of these companies, I just really so use and enjoy their apps)


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MyFitnessPal (click to learn more)

A great app for tracking your calories and macros and it’s customizable for your goals.   They have a huge database of  food and a scanning option.  Plus it keeps track of things like your most common and recently added foods.  Plenty more features too, check it out!

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Charity Miles (click to learn more)

Why just run, walk or bike when you can earn money for charity at the same time!  Charity Miles offers a bunch of noteworthy charities you can earn money for every time your headed out.  From Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Warrior, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Soles for Souls.  OK these are a few of my favorites but there are a bunch more.  Check it out.  This app works outside, but I hear they are beta testing an indoor version….Yippee!

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HIIT Interval Training Timer  (click to learn more)

A great interval timer app.  I use it for my treadmill HIIT and Interval training.  You customize the warmup time, work time and rest times.  Also how many rounds you want to go and your cool down time.  So much better than keeping track in your head (yes I have done that)

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Photo Grid (click to learn more)

Ever wonder how I make those totally kick butt Instagram and blog pics?  Ok maybe not totally kick butt, however this app is easy to use and fun!  Compatible with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!  Just create and link.  Easy and fun!

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P Tracker (click to learn more)

OK this one is for the ladies only.  P Tracker (aka period tracker)  Way better than keeping track on a calendar (or forgetting too at all)  and handy to whip out when you visit the doc for a totally unrelated reason and he/she conveniently asks when your last period started.   Ughhh, duhh.  I don’t know about you but I usually don’t keep the date on hand.

This app also features a calendar that shows your most fertile time of the month and ovulation (assuming you have a regular cycle).   Hit the button on the day your friendly “Aunt Flo” shows up and it keeps track of the days and will give you a projected start date for next months visit.   It also keeps a log of your average cycle.  For more features check it out.

Do you have a favorite app you would like to share?  Leave a comment, I love finding new and useful apps!

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