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Weekend SHOUT OUT – 6/27



Good Luck Everyone!


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Weekend SHOUT OUT 6/13

Weekend SHOUT OUT!!  

Good Luck Everyone!




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Let the Runfyhp Summer Adventures Begin! #runfyhpsummer

Well hello summer my friend, we meet again.  🙂

What’s on your summertime agenda this year?  Travel, camping, beach weekends, hiking in the mountains?

My family and I will be having what we hope to be an epic adventure.  We will be traveling cross-country in an RV!  2 adults 3 kids what could possibly go wrong?!  Wait, don’t answer that.  Hey it can’t be worse than our Disney Pukefest 2014 can it?  (In case you missed that let me give you the quick lowdown.  7 people, the stomach bug and a new person down every day for the ENTIRE vacation.  Ewww)

Anywho….if we can last the constant togetherness

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.14.52 PM

I believe it will be one of the best family experiences we will ever have.  I know how blessed we are to have this opportunity.  Believe me only God could have orchestrated it.  Although we cannot stop in every state we will see many that we have never been to before.  I’m so excited!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.41.35 PM

As a challenge to myself (and as a great way to share my trip with my IRun4 buddy Logan) I am also going to attempt to run, walk or hike at least 1 mile in every state we spend time in.  I mean who can say they did that?  I will be both blogging and posting about my adventures.  However most daily posts will be done via Instagram with the hashtag #runfyhpsummer 


As a second “challenge” I will also be attempting to hit and critique the best cupcake stops we find while traveling across the country.  (Hey I’m a giver and I am totally willing to take one for the team.)  I mean I wouldn’t want you to have a bad cupcake?

A “bad” cupcake?  Hey wait is that even possible? Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.59.10 PM


  So also keep an eye out for #runfyhpcupcaketour on Instagram.


What you don’t follow me on instagram yet?!?

No worries…

You can find me by searching Instagram for Runfindyourhappypace or just CLICK HERE.  

side bar: I know it’s a long tag name but I set it up years ago before I knew better.

Haha, oh and I follow back too!

I would love for you to join me as I travel across this beautiful land of ours!  Maybe you can give me some “must see” things as we travel thru each state.

Wish us luck!






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It’s National Running Day!! Who do you run for?

Happy National Running Day 2014!!

This year I am running for Alzheimer’s Association in honor of my Mom (with Charity Miles), Logan (my IRun4 buddy) and cupcakes!

Who do you run for?

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.51.32 AM

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Is it Time for a Change? Are you Listening to You?

I had to ask myself this tough question a few months ago.  I had run myself into a rut (literally) and it was time for some change.  I didn’t give up or give in I looked at myself and decided that it was time for a new direction.  Now my fitness is more about balance.  I run, I lift, I workout but most importantly I am happy 🙂   Does this sound like you?

As I have mentioned in previous posts this year I felt a lot of pressure to keep doing long distance running but each run felt like a chore to me.  I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore.  My race schedule just never panned out and I was getting frustrated.  All the signs were pointing in the wrong direction,  I think God was trying to tell me something….I just wasn’t listening.  I tend to be a bit stubborn like that. 😉

Life is about balance and priorities.  I needed to get my priorities straight in all aspects of my life.  God, Family and working out.  Now I am feeling re-energized and more fulfilled.  Is everything perfect?  Of course not. But now I am listening.  Are you listening to what God is trying to tell you?




Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run 2014 – Want to go for FREE?

For the second year I am proud to be an Ambassador with the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run!  Spreading women’s running and mud all around the country 🙂  What fun!!

Last year I participated in my very first Pretty Muddy which was also my first mud run ever!  I had an absolute blast, who knew getting muddy could be so fun!  I loved seeing women of ALL ages and levels tackling the mud and obstacles.  I saw groups of women clebrating, getting dirty and just having a blast together.  The best thing about pretty muddy is this…

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.36.23 AM


No pressure to finish first, your HAPPY pace (whatever that may be) in a great women-only supportive atmosphere.

Here is my favorite picture from last years Pretty Muddy race in Richmond Virginia.  You have to admit that looks like fun and it was!  I mean how often do adults, moms and “responsible” women get to crawl through mud.  🙂  I love it and now you have a chance a winning a FREE race entry of your very own thanks to Pretty Muddy and Girls Gone Sporty!   You pick which event you can attend.

  • Dallas, April 26th
  • Sacramento, May 3rd
  • Chicago, August 16th
  • Richmond, September 20th

Follow the rafflecopter link on the top right to enter.  Good Luck!!!!

 (opens today and runs thru Friday February 21st.)

2 winners!



Motivational Monday Feb 17 2014 – Age is Just a Number

Yesterday I had a great time participating in Virginia is for Lovers 6k.  I was asked to do this race with a dear friend of mine Ellen.  This was her first race back since breaking her foot over the summer last year.  This is probably the coldest race each year in Virginia Beach which was one of the reasons I wasn’t sure I was going to do it.  But Ellen asked me if I would walk it with her (she is a speed walker) as her comeback race.  How could I say no 🙂

The race lived up to its cold reputation, it was 28 degrees….I didn’t even bother looking at the “real feel” because frankly I didn’t want to know 😉  But we bundled up and headed out.  Aren’t we pretty:



The race was fun for lots of reasons

  1. I got to walk it with a friend
  2. I got to take pictures & eat candy ( they give out M&M’s on the course)
  3. I got to dance on the course and enjoy myself!

But the best part was when I found out tonight that Ellen got 1st place in her age group!!!  Did I mention she is somewhere between 70-74!!  Wohoo!!  I am so proud of her, she is an inspiration and I hope someday I will be doing the same.  If that doesn’t get you all moving than I don’t know what will 🙂

Happy Motivational Monday Everyone!!

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What’s Best for Me in 2014?

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while.  It’s not an easy one for me to write.  Thanks to my running buddies who I reached out to for support, I can now write it without a heavy heart. So here goes….

2014 will most likely be a nearly race-less year for me.  A time to take a step back and keep the mileage low.  I have been so blessed the past few years to have been able to run and travel to many, many races.  It helped me so much in keeping my motivation and sanity throughout my husbands many deployments.  However this year I have come up against scheduling conflicts with nearly EVERY race I have wanted to enter.  Does it hurt?  Yes to be honest it does, however I need to put my family first and I know it’s the right thing to do.  I am so proud of my kiddos and I know they won’t be “kiddos” forever.  Although the feet say go!  The heart says stay.

Am I done with running?  Hey, hey now just you wait a minute there mister!  Put your pants back on!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I just don’t see myself doing any half marathons.  I do however see some virtual races in my future 🙂   If an “actual” race comes up that I can fit in my schedule, I hope to be able to do it, if I am ready and able.  In the mean time I will continue to support others in their fundraising efforts with things like Team in Training.  

Although I know it’s the right decision it hasn’t been an easy one to admit.  I let myself fall into the trap of “racing makes me who I am” instead of  “running is a great part of who I am”.  After weeks of feeling down right sorry for myself I have finally decided to take some really good advice from the following friends:

~ The Sub 30 Club and “Suck it Up Princess!”  and keep running


~Courtney from So Many Miles, So Little Time, who told me “It is TOTALLY OK to not run 5 half marathons or 14 in 14 or do every online challenge you come across.”

Therefore, I am going to make 2014 a great year in so many other ways!  Physically I am using my time to get healthy (my IT band is still acting up) get stronger (more focus on weight training and yoga) and work on eating healthier (thus the year of the veggies).  I also recently went low carb, not exactly the eating style of champion runners, lol.  (more on that in future blogs.)  I am also really excited to put an even bigger effort into growing in my faith.  Because God made me to be the best me I can be whether I am running half marathons or not 🙂

So I hope you all stick with me and I promise to keep cheering you on from the sidelines!  

Have a great year everyone, no matter what you do.  Be your best, have fun and find YOUR happy pace!!!




My 2013 Recap and Merry Christmas from Me and Running Santa?

First and foremost I want to say  a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC thanks to all of you who follow the blog, Facebook, twitter and/or instagram.  I started this page with no preconceived ideas other than to keep my family back home up to date on my running adventures.  You guys have been the ones to make the page a great success.  Blessing to you all, I have enjoyed getting to know and give / receive support from so many of you on our running adventures.

As for the blog:

Well all I can say is Wow!  2013 was a busy, busy year. I am so honored to continue to be a part of both Girls Gone Sporty and Sweat Pink Ambassadors for the second year.

New Communities:

This past year I was excited and blessed to add a bunch of new communities to my blogging circle including Running Bloggers, Happify, IDEA Fitness Bloggers and Miles to Blog.

I also had a blast being part of Team Pretty Muddy and a Color Me Rad Ambassador, 13 in 2013 and the Sub 30 5k Group.

Here is a great pic of all my medals (both “real” and “virtual”) I earned this year participating in 13 in 2013.


Dreams Fulfilled:

I fulfilled a dream to run with Team in Training at Nike Women’s DC back in March.  And in 2013 my and Cara (Running in Sanity) Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity have raised thousands of dollars for both Team in Training and Susan G. Komen with your help.

I ran my first mud run, my first color run AND I finally pulled out a sub 30 5k!

 So what’s new in 2014?  

I  am excited about continuing on with those great communities in addition I will be adding the following pretty cool items to my list:  Team Tough Chik  2014, Team Pretty Muddy 2014 and attempting to run 14 in 2014!

Have a wonderful Christmas

and I will catch up with you all again in 2014.




I need to thank all the great companies that allowed me to participate with them this year so here goes….

Healthy Suprise, iGlow Running, Runner Decals, Consious Box,, DPI Tees, Shubeez, Zola, Lunatik Athletiks, Oral IV, Janji and The Sox Box.  I hope you all had as much fun with them as I did in 2013.




Runfyhp and Friends Best Races of 2013 in Pics

Over the past few weeks I asked my Facebook followers to send in pics of their best / most memorable running moments of 2013.  I received a vast array of pics.  Everything from Mud Runs and Spartan Races to kids and families.  I really enjoyed looking at all the pics and why they were so special to each of you.

I have been so blessed in 2013 with a fantastic year of running, including being healthy, having great weather for my races and a wonderful travel buddy and friend in Cara from Running In Sanity.

Congrats again to everyone on all your accomplishments over the past year and thanks for sharing your time, kind words and pictures with me.

Enjoy the holidays and here is to a wonderful 2014!!

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