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Happy Holidays! Enjoy this Guest Post from Noshing on Asphalt

Hi y’all! I’m Gina and I blog over at Noshing on Asphalt where I ramble about clean eats and this little thing I’m in love with called running.  I’m excited that Darlena’s allowed me to share a guest post with you!

The Bucket List

If you think about it, we all have a bucket list and, thanks to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, we all know what that list is.  It’s a compilation of things we want to do before we, uh, kick the bucket.  Not sure you have a bucket list? Close your eyes and let your imagination wander; whatever pops into your head is typically something that would be on your list.   Unless, of course, it’s your dream to meet Elvis or something.  In that case, just keep your eyes closed and keep dreaming.

For me, my list is a bit different.  I’m a carpe diem type person so I figure why wait your whole life to achieve your dreams?  Plus, there’s just something a bit macabre about crossing things so you can die ‘happy’.  I want to embrace life , not death, so my list is called “Before I Procreate” (click to view)  and contains everything I want to do before having kids.  Already have kids? How about a ‘Before my procreations procreate” list? – kidding!  Most of the things on my list are silly and frivolous but totally accomplishable with a bit of hard work.


Last year, I started working on checking off my ‘to-do’s and the two that I’m most proud of actually happened at the same time.  A 2-for-1!  So what were they? 1.) Running my first marathon, and 2.) Running the Marine Corps Marathon!!

Those goals may not seem like much to some people but for me they were huge! As of January (2012) the furthest distance I had run was a 10k.  It was almost inconceivable that I would go from running 6.2 miles to 26.2 miles in just 10 months, but I did it.  This is where the hard work I mentioned earlier comes into play.  You can choose to put anything you want on your list but you have to accept that it may take a lot of hard work to get it done.


If you commit to your dreams, you can make them a reality.  Is vacationing in Europe on your list? Start saving.  Want to bike across the great U S of A? Well, start with brushing the cobwebs off of your bike.  Develop a plan of attack for your list.  Talk to your friends and family; let them know what you want to do so they can help keep you accountable.  I honestly believe that through prayer, hard work and determination, we can accomplish so many amazing things! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and turn ‘to-do’ into ‘to-done!’

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Happy Holidays – Guest Post from “Lisa Runs for Cupcakes”

Hello RFYHP followers!

My name is Lisa and I blog over at Lisa Runs for Cupcakes. I’m a working mom
and military wife and enjoys running for cupcakes! I want to thank Run Find Your
Happy Pace for inviting me over to guest blog while she is out of town. Darlena and
I are definitely cut from the same cupcake loving cloth and it is an honor to have a
post here!

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes Logo

With the holidays upon us, it is only natural to begin thinking about goals for the
upcoming year. Here are a few things that I hope to focus on in 2013:

Dorothy Beal, the marathoner mom blogging at Mile Posts, coined the term; I run
this body. And, I plan to run this body for a long time. In order to achieve my first
goal, I plan to stretch, ice, and foam roll regularly. And most importantly, listen to
my body when I need those extra rest days.

The half fanatics are a bunch of folks that love running half marathons. In order
to join the club at the first level of half fanatic status, you can either run 2 half
marathons within 16 days or 3 half marathons in 90 days. To achieve my second
goal, I am registered to race 3 half marathons in 55 days. If I train smart and
successfully run the Disney Land Tinker Bell on January 20th, the Disney World
Princess on February 24th, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA on March 16th,I will be ready to

Over the past year, I ran my first half marathon in 2:24:32 and my current PR is
2:00:30. I want to blow that PR out of the water. To achieve my third main goal of
2013, I plan to stick to a training plan! I am not the best at sticking to plans and I
think that if I do, I will see success in meeting a new PR.

Now that I have shared my top three goals for 2013, I would love to hear yours!

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes 2Lisa Runs for Cupcakes 1

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Happy Holidays Enjoy This Guest Post from Barking Mad About Running

I was so excited when Darlena asked for guest posters! I love Darlena and her blog and was honored when she asked me to write for her! I started thinking about what i would write, and had a great idea. Darlena facebooked me and told me what her idea was, and I was thrilled that we had the same idea! 
Let me introduce myself first! My name is Kim, and my blog is Barking Mad About Running. ( I started running in August of 2011, with a 5K in mind. Shortly after I ran that 5K, I set my sights on a Half Marathon. I chose Philadelphia Rock n Roll, which gave me almost a year to train. A funny thing happened though. The more races I ran, short or long, the more I *wanted* to run. I was racing almost every weekend. 5ks, 5 miles, mud runs. I’m addicted! I ended up running 4 Half Marathons this year, 3 of them in 36 days, and earned Half Fanatic status(#3034 reporting for duty!). I also decided to train for the Disney Marathon in January!
Which brings me to my goals for 2013! My friend Jill, and some of her friends, got together to form a challenge for 2013. To run 13 races (Halfs, Fulls, 5Ks, 10Ks, whatever you choose) in 2013. I chose Half Marathons. I plan to run some Virtually, and some Live. You can check out the challenge at I am so excited to have the motivation and the comraderie that this group provides! They even have a facebook page for everyone to share their successes, and their struggles! 
Which races do I plan to run, you ask? I have signed up for some, but not all, of the 13:

  1. Disney Marathon, January 13
  2. Winter Runnerland Virtual Half (month of January) at
  3. Resolution Half Virtual Race (month of January) at FUNd Run for Bling (!/groups/344067618996687/)
  4. Barking Mad Virtual Half Marathon (info is on my blog)
  5. Rock n Roll USA Half in D.C., March 16 (
  6. Atlantic City April Fool’s Half, April 7 (
  7. Runapalooza Asbury Park Half Marathon, April 20 (
  8. Long Branch Half Marathon, May 5 (
  9. Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half Marathon in Erie, Pa (!/BiggestLoserRunWalk?fref=ts)

Which leaves me with only 4 to go! I am looking for Fall races, I wonder what they should be?!?
I will also be earning a new level of Half Fanatic Status after Runapalooza, for the number of races in a year. Hooray! Beware, running races is addictive! The amazing feeling when you cross that finish line is not to be missed! If you know of any great East Coast Halfs in Fall 2013, let me know! I am thinking about Las Vegas Rock n Roll in November, but have not made any plans otherwise! 

What is your favorite race?

I will leave you with this picture from my favorite “Happy” race on 2012, the Hershey Half. My parents came to see me finish, and it was so great to take a pic with them at the finish!


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Keep smiling!