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Who’s Excited to be a Skirt Sports Ambassador? This Girl!

(I am writing this post as a Skirt Sports Ambassador. Please note if you use my discount code, I do get incentives from the company.)

I have news and I am so excited!  Like really excited! Can you tell?



I am now a proud 2018 Ambassador for Skirt Sports!  Over the past few weeks I have gotten and inside look at the excitement, motivation and support that is the true heart behind the company.  Its been awesome.  I’ve heard from so many interesting and motivational ladies from all over.

And the ambassador logo, LOVE IT!!:

“Real Women” “Real Bodies” “Real Inspiration”

I mean how fantastic is that!!  I hope to be sharing lots of great, real and inspirational stories with you throughout the year!


Want to join in the excitement?

Feel free to use my code 479Kolp for 15% off!