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5 Things I’ve Learned Including Pre-Run Warm Up and Stretch.

A few cool things I learned from having an injury. Yes I said cool things, about an injury. It doesn’t have to be all bad.  Ok it’s not great but let’s make lemonade out of lemons shall we.  🍋😁🍋

  1. Cross Training.
  2. Strength
  3. Pre-run Warm Up
  4. Post Run Stretch
  5. Yoga

So let’s start from the top.

Cross training. After becoming injured I realized I had not been doing enough of it. 😔 It’s all great to run run and run some more, but your body needs variety.  Cross training will not only help keep your endurance up, it will help you become a stronger more agile athlete.  For me spinning was the perfect fit. It didn’t aggravate my injury, and I was able to keep my endurance up while I recovered.  I had to spend more time on the bike that I would on the run, but it was worth it! Find something that works for you! 👍🏻

Strength.  💪🏻 Again running is great but there were a lot of muscles that I wasnt putting into play. As those weakened, injury started to rear it’s ugly head. Now I do strength training twice a week, both upper and lower body, and on one run day I also include things like lunges and squats.

Pre-run warm up. OK so this may be something a lot of us don’t think about. A little warm up and a little light stretching before a run.  Stretching pre-run is light and short or as I like to say quick and sweet. No long held static stretches here. Check out my Pre-run warm up on my Facebook page (click here) and BONUS that 1st mile doesn’t feel quite so terrible after a good warm up !  Trust me and you can thank me later. 👍🏻😁

Post run stretch. It’s sooooo important! I know a lot of times we are just rushing to get a run in and get off to do everything else we need to do with our day. But even just five minutes of basic stretching will benefit you so much.  So “Just Do It”!


Yoga.  🙃 Not everyone’s favorite I know. But I found a love for yoga.  OK maybe not exactly a love but a very strong like. My hips and hamstrings  are extremely tight. Doing yoga 1 to 2 times a week concentrating on these areas has helped tremendously. Aaptiv has some great yoga classes but you can always search for YouTube videos (yoga for runners) there’s plenty out there.


My hope is this has got you thinking about what your weekly routine looks like. Maybe you can use a little more of these types of workouts to enhance your running life?

Do you have suggestions or something that you love to do? Feel free to share it below!

And don’t forget to run find your happy pace!