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Handle It, Move It and Get Ready to Run It! Plus a review of Covered Bridges Half Marathon

Long time not write.  Seriously its been since May???  How did that happen you say?  Because life people, life happens. Sometimes you need to prioritize. For me family comes first always!  Sometimes you put down the blogger hat and strap on that Mom hat a little tighter and handle when the poo hits the fan.  Sometimes you have to fall on your knees and pray (pretty sure I should do that way more often)  And oh yes that whole moving thing yea that happened too.  Because when we move we don’t mess around.  I moved from Cali back to the east coast with three kids, 2 cats and, oh thank God, my Dad to help me drive.
 We are pretty much settled in. Honestly I have just started ignoring the boxes in the “dinning room” that are still sitting there at least for the moment. For the most part those boxes are not mine so I cannot really do anything with them anyway.  The plan is to not move again any time soon. (fingers crossed)  Maybe that is wishful thinking but I like this little happy place of ignorant bliss for now.  🙂  Don’t judge me.
 Any who, now that I am back on the East Coast and finally re-adjusting to the humidity / dew point that was practically nonexistent in Cali.  I am ready to race.  I signed up for most of my upcoming races before leaving Cali. Gotta keep the motivation going. If you don’t a move will take over your life and next thing you know you haven’t run in weeks or even months.  I did well not letting that happen when we moved to Cali and have been doing great with this move too. So my first official race back east was this weekend in Swanzey, New Hampshire.   Check it out:
One of the 4 Covered Bridges on the course.

One of the 4 Covered Bridges on the course.

Covered Bridges Half Marathon (also known as Elijah’s Race) Swanzey, NH.

If you’re looking for a small New England Race this is for you! Classic New England town, beautiful scenery.  The course runs through (literally) not 1 but 4 covered bridges.  There is also about a mile of beautiful trail along the route.  Sigh, brings back the thoughts of all the lovely trails in California so I was stoked to run them.  You will also find rolling hills along a good portion of the course.  Pretty typical for the North East.  They weren’t steep but there were quite a few so if you ever run this race be prepared for them.   The weather was wet!  Like start to finish wet, rained the entire race.  A first for me and yes I realize how lucky I have been.  The saving grace was that the temps were in the 50’s and not lower.  Lower temps would have just been miserable!  The only time I got cold was after I finished and stopped running.  Brr.

So here is the good:

1) the 4 covered bridges are absolutely beautiful and you literally run right through them.

2) It’s a small race, there were less than 200 runners.

3) Beautiful country views. Lots of trees, Inns, some horses, donkeys and cows too.

4) About a mile or so of some lovely trails.  I like trails a lot so this is a good thing for me 🙂

5) The race is extremely easy to get to, packet pick up is day of the race and is at the local high school.

6) Great water stops manned by the local high school and scouts. They dressed up as characters and were very encouraging.  Star Wars, pirates, fairy’s and minions to name a few.

7) Free photos…always a bonus!

8) BBQ after the race. Hamburgers, watermelon, corn. Since it rained the entire morning the burgers were rather cold and blah. I’m pretty sure they did the best they could and if the weather was better we would have enjoyed it more.  Although I am not sure I would have eaten the corn anyway after running that far, but maybe that is just me.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.42.36 PM

Corn poop, lol. Maybe corn isn’t the best post run food?

The Not-So-Good:

1) NO port-o-poties on the course, none what-so-ever.  And nobody mentioned that to us before we got to the start line. So make sure you go before you walk to the start. I do fine with that but I know some people don’t so beware.

2) The town DOES NOT close ANY of the course to traffic. It’s not an extremely busy town BUT since its small race you do have to keep an eye out for cars since there is a chance you may not be running with a group. There are some cones along some of the busier sections but between the rain and the cars it was a concern.

3) The course has a lot of bends and turns which made it hard to see oncoming traffic and for cars to see you. If found myself switching from side to side depending on how far ahead I could see. Also since it rained, the entire race, I had to give myself a bigger safety buffer.

4) If you’re in it for the bling….this probably isn’t the race for you. You do get a medal but this years was a stock medal with a sticker on the front. Its cute but its nothing to fancy if that’s your thing.

Would I recommend it? Yes, Swanzey is a beautiful New England town and the views don’t disappoint. Just be sure to check the Not-So-Good section to see if its right for you 🙂


Headed into one of the bridges. You can see the traffic ahead too.


Trails at the beginning of the race. Sorry its blurry didn’t stop running for the pic.


Free photo 🙂 That’s me, I couldn’t run through the middle because of the truck that was oncoming.


Finished! It rained the entire time but I did it!

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