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Coast to Coast Part 1 – A Most Awesome Running Adventure!

As some of you may or may not know my family was blessed with being able to take a month-long vacation (aka: most awesome adventure) in an RV across the US to the west coast and back. ¬†Lol, and no we are not crazy and yes everyone made it back alive ūüėČ ¬†Thanks to a lot of planning (Mostly on my hubby’s part because he rocks) we made the trek from Virginia all the way to Cali and back. ¬†I had never been further west than Nashville, TN so this was a huge adventure for me. ¬†This is “Part 1” of my adventures ¬†and covers our stops from Virginia out to the California coast.

Prior to our departure I had promised myself and my Irun4 buddy Logan (what you don’t know what Irun4 is? ¬†click here…its fantastic!) that I would attempt to run, walk or hike at least 1 mile in every state in which we spent the night. ¬†I mean when was I ever going to get a chance to do that again? ¬†I thought it would be a great motivator to keep me running on vacation and an excellent way to keep in contact with Logan over the month-long trip. ¬†OK, ok ¬†I also wanted to be able to eat whatever I wanted (read “cupcakes”) and really enjoy myself without totally tipping the scale when we returned. ¬† Win/win ūüôā

BTW: I have tons (and tons) of non-running related pictures of the beautiful places we were blessed to see across America and if you have about 3 hours I would love to share them with you.  Or you can check out more pics on my Instagram account at:

Runfindyourhappypace or search #runfyhp summer

Let me start with one of the biggest highlights of my trip.  A day I will always remember.

 Check out this handsome young man!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.01.01 PM

Meet LOGAN! ¬†My Irun4 buddy. ¬†Thanks to my wonderful husband and Logan’s awesome Mom. My family and I were able to swing by Logan’s part of the country and meet face to face, hug to hug and heart to heart. ¬†He is 1000 times sweeter in person than online. ¬†Logan has brought joy back to my running and I was honored to meet he, his Mom, and little bro in person even if only for a short while. ¬†He showered me with hugs and presents!

Thanks Logan!!!!!

And we're off!

And we’re off!

So back to the running part of my adventure.

First Stop  Knoxville, TN

2 miles was all I had time for this day but hey I was already ahead of my 1 mile per stop goal!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.32.50 PM

Little Rock, AK

Our next overnight stop was Little Rock, AK. ¬†The hubby and I got up early the next morning and got in 4 sweaty miles. ¬†About 3 miles in we found a local Christian High School and were able to run on their beautiful track around the football field. ¬†We also passed a pretty field of wildflowers so I borrowed one ūüôā

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.31.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.04.14 PM

Amarillo, TX

Next stop…Texas. ¬†One of only two nights of rain the entire trip! ¬†Actually it was hail, and lightning and a tad scary but lucky for us it passed quickly and we never got the full brunt of it. ¬†We did however find out the back window of the RV (right by my head leaked…ughh) ¬†The next morning the weather was great and the hubby and I ran 3.25 miles together.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.33.35 PM

KOA Grand Canyon/ Williams, AZ

I got in a short run of a mile and then walked miles and miles at the Grand Canyon!  Breathtaking.

One of the views from the campground just outside the Grand Canyon

One of the views from the campground just outside the Grand Canyon

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.47.01 PM

The Grand Canyon just off the trail

Bryce Canyon, UT (my favorite!!)

Ok I didn’t get an actual run in here but I hiked…a lot. ¬†I also went on and ATV tour and my very first horseback ride! For me Utah was a hidden gem of the trip. ¬†I loved every bit of it! ¬†Before we left Virginia I had asked my husband why were were stopping in Utah? ¬†Duh…now I would go back in a heartbeat!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.35.50 PM

Family ATV tour

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.36.35 PM

The view of Bryce Canyon from my horse “Sarge”

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.36.02 PM

One of the many stops in Bryce Canyon, UT

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.37.59 PM

Mossey Cave Trail. A very beautiful hike to a waterfall!

San Diego, CA (KOA San Diego)

We made it to California!  First stop was San Diego.  I was able to get a few miles in and man was the weather nice!  I also got to put my toes in the Pacific!  Coast to Coast, Ocean to Ocean baby!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.39.22 PM

A very beautiful day in San Diego!


Toes in the Pacific!

Toes in the Pacific!

Anaheim, CA (Anaheim RV Park and Disneyland)

Did someone say Disney?!? ¬†Why yes I did. ¬†My pick of the trip…Disney! ¬†We were able to camp at an RV park that was close enough to WALK to Disneyland! ¬†How cool was that? ¬†So between the 15-20 walk to the park and all the walking at Disneyland and California Adventure I would say 1000 miles easy ūüėČ ¬†and who doesn’t love Disney!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.40.29 PM

Family Shot from Disneyland. We had looked for an Olaf all day!


Mariposa, CA  (Yosemite West, KOA)

I was able to get in a one mile hilly run/walk here. ¬†This girl is used to flat! ¬†Well there wasn’t much flat going on at this KOA, but I got up early and got it done. ¬†We also did a good amount of hiking at Yosemite that day too.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.41.18 PM




Manchester, CA  (Manchester Beach / Mendocino Coast KOA) 

The adventures getting to this KOA were enough to fill a whole other blog post. ¬†Let’s just say don’t trust your GPS at all times. ¬†But man was it worth it! ¬†Our favorite KOA and wonderful running and hiking adventures. ¬†I got in an early morning run with the bonus of deer, jackrabbits and a bunny. ¬†Later in the day we hiked a trail to the coast. ¬†The weather was chilly but a nice reprieve from the heat of AZ, UT and Southern Cali. ¬†And the view from the beach (accessible only by the 20 minute hike each way) was simply stunning.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.42.17 PM

A nice cool run with my animal friends

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.42.58 PM

This hike was just so peaceful and beautiful.

Thanks for joining me on part 1 of my Coast to Coast Adventure.  Pretty cool huh!  Believe me I know how blessed I was to do this.  We prayed everyday and thanked God for our adventure!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!






My 2013 Recap and Merry Christmas from Me and Running Santa?

First and foremost I want to say  a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC thanks to all of you who follow the blog, Facebook, twitter and/or instagram.  I started this page with no preconceived ideas other than to keep my family back home up to date on my running adventures.  You guys have been the ones to make the page a great success.  Blessing to you all, I have enjoyed getting to know and give / receive support from so many of you on our running adventures.

As for the blog:

Well all I can say is Wow!  2013 was a busy, busy year. I am so honored to continue to be a part of both Girls Gone Sporty and Sweat Pink Ambassadors for the second year.

New Communities:

This past year I was excited and blessed to add a bunch of new communities to my blogging circle including Running Bloggers, Happify, IDEA Fitness Bloggers and Miles to Blog.

I also had a blast being part of Team Pretty Muddy and a Color Me Rad Ambassador, 13 in 2013 and the Sub 30 5k Group.

Here is a great pic of all my medals (both “real” and “virtual”) I earned this year participating in 13 in 2013.


Dreams Fulfilled:

I fulfilled a dream to run with¬†Team in Training¬†at Nike Women’s DC back in March. ¬†And in 2013 my and Cara (Running in Sanity)¬†Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity¬†have raised¬†thousands¬†of dollars¬†for both Team in Training and Susan G.¬†Komen¬†with your help.

I ran my first mud run, my first color run AND I finally pulled out a sub 30 5k!

¬†So what’s new in 2014? ¬†

I  am excited about continuing on with those great communities in addition I will be adding the following pretty cool items to my list:  Team Tough Chik  2014, Team Pretty Muddy 2014 and attempting to run 14 in 2014!

Have a wonderful Christmas

and I will catch up with you all again in 2014.




I need to thank all the great companies that allowed me to participate with them this year so here goes….

Healthy Suprise, iGlow Running, Runner Decals, Consious Box,, DPI Tees, Shubeez, Zola, Lunatik Athletiks, Oral IV, Janji and The Sox Box.  I hope you all had as much fun with them as I did in 2013.




Pretty Muddy Richmond, VA

This past Saturday I got to participate in Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run in Richmond, VA. ¬†This was my very first mud run and I was so excited. ¬†Special thanks to Fit Approach (#sweatpink) and Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run for the opportunity!

I was also lucky to have my Sweat Pink sister and good friend Cara from Running In Sanity join me, because getting muddy with a friend is how to do it…or so my kids tell me. ūüôā ¬†Cara and I headed out to Chesterfield, just outside Richmond, (about and hour and a half ride from Virginia Beach) at 6:45 AM. ¬†Not too early for a race, no Disney 2 am wake up call here ;). ¬†The weather was already nice, not too hot or cold and temps in the low 60’s. ¬† Our wave was expected to leave at 10 AM.

After arriving at Pocahontas State Park we headed to check in. ¬†I was glad we were able to race day check in so we didn’t need to head up to Richmond 2 days in a row. ¬† There was a hay ride (picture tractor/hay bails) from the parking lot out to the check in area. ¬†We were happy to meet up with Anna, another of our Sweat Pink Sisters from Virginia just before boarding. ¬†Cara and I had the pleasure of meeting Anna at Nike DC as she had also participated in Team in Training Virginia. ¬†Check in was fast, we picked up our pins and numbers and headed off to gear check. ¬†The first waves had started earlier that morning and we got to view some of the happy, muddy girls finishing up the course. ¬†Now I was really excited. ¬†Mud, real mud! ¬†I mean how often does a Mom get to get muddy on purpose! ¬†We hit gear check and the port-o-potties and got a pre-race pic together thanks to Anna before she checked her bag. ¬†I had left my phone in the car because I had no way to keep it clean and mud free ūüėČ

Cara, Anna and Myself pre-mud

Cara, Anna and Myself pre-mud

The start/finish area consisted of a DJ, a photographer, Pretty Muddy merchandise tent and a few food vendors with items for sale.  We headed to the start line while the DJ pumped up the corrals with music and a short impromptu pre-run stretch.  Countdown on let the fun begin!

The terrain heading into the first obstacle was grassy and very uneven, we were all very careful. ¬†In my mind I was concerned the entire course might be this way, thankfully it wasn’t. ¬†The first “obstacle” was a fun bubble type tunnel, it was a tad windy so I think some of the bubbles were getting carried away, but still fun. ¬†The second one was all about slipping /sliding muddy fun…yeah! ¬†We climbed up the backside of a giant slide and down the wet side directly into a mud pit!!! ¬†I was able to keep the mud from the knees down, however Anna lost her shoe in the mud pit and I had to help pull her out, hehe. ¬†Note to self and everyone else…lock laces not the best choice for Anna, however my double tied #sweatpink laces held up like a charm ūüôā

The rest of the course terrain was mostly well beaten dirt trails and grass which was much more of what I am used to not to mention much safer. ¬†I love trail running and this did not disappoint Pocahontas State Park was just beautiful. ¬†I remarked to my buddies that God had done good because the weather and the views were so pretty. ¬†There were a total of 10 obstacles for this 5k. ¬†Some muddy, some not. ¬†We climbed nets and walls, through tunnels, carried wood and got to crawl through mud a few more times. ¬†The runner landscape consisted of beginners, birthday girls, experienced runners to tutus and good spirited fun. ¬†All the runners at this race were respectful and encouraging. ¬†Good, clean…well muddy girl fun!

My only wish was that there had been photographers at each obstacles.  Most people did not carry phones/cameras because of the nature of the mud.  I would love to have had the opportunity to look for and purchase pictures from all the obstacles, especially this being my first mud run.   According to one of the volunteers we asked there were photographers but they were roaming between different parts of the course.

Post race you were given your Pretty Muddy 5k medal, a Propel and a protein bar.  We also stopped for a post run muddy picture, you must have one of those!  The DJ was still pumping the music as waves continued to leave.  There was also a live band in the finisher area.  Just past the finish area was a rinse station with hoses set up to clean off and de-mudify.  Next to it was a large privacy tent for changing into some clean and dry clothing for our long ride home.

All in all I would say Pretty Muddy is a fun, muddy experience for women.  I had a great time with my Sweat Pink sisters.  I loved the number of groups we saw running together along with women who braved the course alone for various personal reasons.   There were bucket listers, birthday girls and more!   Everyone seemed to have a good time and the volunteers where encouraging and informative.  The course was well-marked.  Pretty Muddy also has family waves that were set to take off later in the morning.  Female participants were welcome and encouraged to run the course again with their families.

The medal we got was a nice bonus and a great memento. ¬†Personally I didn’t find the course as challenging as I would have wanted, however with that being said I think it was the most fun I have ever had getting muddy ūüôā ¬†If your thinking of a first or a fun all female mud run Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run would be a great one for you! ¬†I would do it again with girlfriends if given the opportunity.

Pretty Muddy Bling

Pretty Muddy Bling

So what’s next? ¬†Tough Mudder maybe ūüôā ¬†Ha,ha…I think I have fallen in love with mud.

pretty muddy


Moving Forward in Reverse…Part 2 Healthy Eating “Switches”

As promised in my last blog “Are you Moving forward in Reverse” Part 1 (if you missed it click here)¬†check out this great list of some simple and easy “switches” for eating healthier.

Thanks to my Sweat Pink Ladies from  Live Travel Eat and Run, PugMamaStace, Fitful Focus, Running With the Girls, and Run Pretty for these great suggestions!  

Visit their pages and let them know I sent ya!

Look for more even more great ideas coming soon!



Are you Moving Forward…in Reverse? Part 1

Moving forward in reverse? ¬†What in the world?! ¬†Let me explain. ¬†I’m talking about working your butt off and not seeing results. ¬†Talk about frustrating!!!! ¬†Why is it happening? ¬†Most than likely three words…your, eating, habits. ¬†(and mine too!)

Although I have been active most of my life, in the past 4+ years I have really made daily exercise a priority. ¬†I plan my runs, my workouts, my training. ¬†I figure out when is the best time “get er done” as to not interfere too much with family time. ¬†I sometimes run in the heat or the cold of the day because that is just when it fits in. ¬†Some days I get up a little earlier to do HIIT, and when all else fails I just make sure everyone knows it’s “Mom’s time” and they need to keep themselves occupied for a while…or join in.

However one thing I have failed to take¬†seriously enough has been my eating habits. ¬†I hate the word “diet” ¬†and in this case I don’t mean diet as in counting calories, etc. ¬†I’m talking about eating healthy. ¬†Being part of both Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador and Girls Gone Sporty as an Ambassador has really opened up my eyes to the importance of eating well. ¬†It’s not like I never thought about it, it’s just that I never made any serious effort.

One of the biggest advantages of eating well….results. ¬†You can run, sweat, lift, HITT etc¬†but it’s true what they say:

  • Healthy bodies are made in the kitchen
  • killer abs … 30% gym 70% diet
  • and my favorite…”You can’t outrun a bad diet.” ¬†

True, true and true.  In other words:


You’ll still move forward to a point. but if you are results driven, as in inches and pounds, ¬†you HAVE to include a healthy diet.

So when I started my HIIT program about 2 months ago, I also started to take a much more serious look at my eating habits. ¬†I had been kind of here, nor there on my diet. ¬†I mean I didn’t eat bad all the time, but I also didn’t go out of my way to eat “healthy” every meal. ¬†I am making a lot more effort now, but¬†it’s NOT always easy. ¬†(cause you know I loves me some cupcakes and apparently Smore’s because I downed a few of those this weekend)

I find it WAY easier to plan to exercise than to plan to eat well. ¬†It’s definitely still a work in progress, but I am seeing results in how my body looks. ¬†My next step is to try meal prepping for the week, but for now this is what I am doing:

  • I try to include lean protein and veggies at EVERY meal.
  • I drink water all day and when I am out I choose unsweet tea or water (lucky for me I am not a soda fan so no biggie here)
  • I include healthy fats sometimes refered to as¬†MUFAs¬†(monounsaturated fatty acid) found in things like¬†nuts and seeds, oils, olives, and dark chocolate. ¬†Avocado is also a great one, but I am allergic ūüôĀ ¬†so sad as its an allergy I developed just last year, bummer
  • I limit my sweets…but I do eat dark chocolate IN MODERATION
  • for snacks I switched to things like greek yogurt, fruit and homemade trail mix
  • I eat a meal or snack every 4 hours max, but usually more like every 3, throughout the day

I also love these two ideas about what kind of food you should choose…”If it didn’t grow out of the ground or have a mother (sorry to my strict vegetarian friends and husband)…don’t eat it” ¬†and “If you can’t pronounce the ingredients than why on earth would you want to put it in your body?

Am I 100% perfect with my eating habits….um NO?! ¬†But I have made a much more concerted effort to be more careful about what, how much and when I eat. ¬†Cause girl I am NOT going to turn a cupcake down all the time ūüėČ ¬†I’m sticking to the 80 – 20 rule of eating well 80% of the time.

But in the meantime I have found a few things I love:

I make my own trail mix. ¬†I find store bought usually has extra stuff that I don’t like

Runfyhp Trail Mix – split into portion controlled sizes of 1/4 cup so I can take it on the go ūüôā

  • all natural whole almonds (unsalted)
  • sunflower seed kernels (unsalted)
  • dark chocolate chips
  • and sometimes craisins (limited amount, but I like the little extra sweet)

Runfyhp Easy Post Workout Smoothie

smoothies help me get some extra protein each day 


  • 8 oz almond milk
  • frozen strawberries (about a cup)
  • scoop of protein powder ( I love Raw Protein from Garden of Life)
  • 1 tablespoon all natural peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt ¬†(I like Chobani)
  • 1/2 tablespoon flax seed powder
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of organic spinach

Coming soon…some healthy and easy “switches” to add to your diet

thanks to my Sweat Pink Ambassador friends!


Pink for a Cause. Lets help fund Breast Cancer Research Together.



Hello Everyone I am excited to bring you my latest adventure…..

I am raising money for Breast Cancer Research in honor of several family members and friends.  Recently Breast Cancer has hit my family, once again, particularly close to home.  I decided that instead of sitting on the sideline (because what good does that do?)  I would  commit to raise money so that maybe someday Breast Cancer will no longer be such a scary thing.  I would love for all our daughters and future generations to not have to worry about things like this.

Therefore I am so honored and overwhelmed by the wonderful support I have received from my friends in the ¬†running community in regards to my fundraising efforts. ¬†I also want to remind all the women out there to do their monthly exam, it takes a few minutes but it could just save your life. ¬†Recently I posted on my Facebook page about going to get my mammogram. ¬†In case you missed it here it is ūüôā ¬†Get ready for a little TMI:


What I had didn’t ¬†post a few days later was I was called back for another visit. ¬†Scary since my family has very recently been touched by Breast Cancer once again.

Visit number 2...lucky for me everything was A OK!

Visit number 2…lucky for me everything was A OK!

I am happy to say everything was fine, but I will be much more diligent about self exams in the future. ¬†For ladies my age I urge you to go get your mammogram if you haven’t already this year. ¬†

And for those younger ladies here, please make sure to do your monthly self-exam!   Guys remind your wives, girlfriends, sisters etc to get theirs too!

OK that would be my PSA for the day ūüėČ

So on with the fundraising!!!  There are sooooo  many cool prizes to be won!  I will be offering chances thru Papal in order to raise money.  I am proud to announce the following sponsors for this event.

One chance Р $3

Three (3) Chances for $5

Five (5)  Chances for $10

Please click on the appropriate Picture Button below which will bring you to Paypal.

Thanks so much for your support!

I will run this thru the end of May.  Winners will be announced in the beginning of June.

*****   Please feel free to share this post!  The more who participate, the more money we can raise!!   *****



The following is a list of all the items you could win!!  

Please visit these great pages and say thanks from me ~Runfyhp!

IGlow running –¬†click to visit her shop for awesome themed runnng outfits!

  • One (1) complete (tank and skirt) pink IGlow Running outfit


Love ¬†–¬†click to visit her online store for more beautiful jewlery!

  • One (1) ¬†lovely Rhinestone Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet via LoveMichelle. net


Thirty One РIndependent Consultant Cara Morrison Рclick to visit her Thirty One Page

  • One (1) pink and white 31 Thermal Tote from – 31 Consultant Cara Morrison


  • Three (3) Thirty One Key Fobs


My Happy Pace Gear Рclick to visit their on-line store for great running tees and more!

  • One (1) T-shirt in the winners choice of size


DPI Tees¬†– click for more movitvational tee’s at their on-line store!

  • One (1) Pink Be Stong T-shirt in the winners choice of size


Barking Mad About Running Рclick to visit this great blog.  Kim has also raised tons of money for Cancer Research!

  • One (1) Hand Crochet Yoga Mat Holder (winners choice of color)


Knot Hole Crochet Рclick to visit her page for more great handmade items

  • Two (2 – one scarf per winner) Handmade Scarfs


Shubeez Рclick to visit their on-line store for other great shubeez!

  • Bee Pink Shubeez ¬†– 4 winners of 1 Shubeez each


Runner Decals – visit Runner Decals to check out tons of cool decals for running, walking and more!


Running Happy Рclick to visit Running Happy for all your headband and cupcake themed decals!

  • Three (3 – one band per winner) Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Non-Slip Running Happy Bands


Fit Approach Рclick to be linked to the sweat pink store!

  • Sweat Pink Laces – 8 pairs (1 pair per winner)
  • pink laces

Run Find your Happy Pace 1000+ FB Likes Giveaway!

When I started this blog and Facebook page I never thought about having more followers than my family and a few friends. ¬†So you can imagine my surprise as my Facebook page grew to 200 likes, then 400 etc. ¬†But 1,000+? ¬†That’s just crazy.

I appreciate all the support and friends I have made along the way.  I am grateful to Alyse and Jamie at Fit Approach and Laura at Girls Gone Sporty for allowing me to be ambassadors with them.  I am POSITIVE I could not have done it without the support of both those communities.  I am thankful to all the companies that have allowed me to work with them in the past.

I am especially grateful to Susan at Runner Decals who was the very first one that approached me for a giveaway. ¬†She believed in me when I had a very, very small following and now I am glad to call her friend. ¬†This giveaway wouldn’t be complete without including Runner Decals so thank you Susan once again! ¬†Also thanks to my partner in Happiness Cara at Running Happy for putting up with my crazy ideas on a regular basis.

As you guys know I am not super fast, I have never placed in a race and probably never will…. I’m just me and that’s exactly who God meant me to be.

I DO however believe that:

  • everyone can be their own personal best
  • that the 1st place finisher is just as important as the last one and everyone in between
  • that miles are miles and we all cover the same distance, just at our own “Happy Pace”
  • finding my happy pace in running and life is really what is important

My hope is:

  • this page and blog provide positive support and information to each other
  • that every accomplishment you make (in running and life) be celebrated
  • when I leave this world that I have made a positive difference
  • that there are cupcakes in heaven ūüėČ


So thanks so much for joining me as I find that happy pace in running and life.  I wish I could give you all a prize, but I hope this will do.  Thanks to Runner Decals, Fit Approach and my partner Cara at Running Happy for donating prizes to my giveaway.  See the Rafflecopter link at the top right of my blog to enter and let these great companies know I sent you.

Good Luck!


2012 What a Year It’s Been, Looking Forward to 2013

Wow 2012 has been HUGE for myself and RunFHYP.  What started off as kind of whim and self motivation for myself has really become an important part of my fitness journey.  Here are a few highlights for RunFYHP in 2012 along with some thanks and shoutouts.

I am thankful:

  • That God has given me the ability to run and the motivation to go
  • for Cupcakes ¬†FYI: still looking for a great cupcake sponsor ūüôā
  • That so many peeps have joined me in finding our happy pace in running and life
  • For a supportive (and faster) husband than me. ¬†He gives me support to keep going and motivation to get there faster ūüėČ
  • For my running friends both old and new.
  • To be a part of the¬†FitApproach¬†family as Sweat Pink Ambassador
  • To be part of the¬†Girls Gone Sporty¬† family as a GGS Ambassador
  • To be a proud member of Moms Run This Town
  • To have discovered how great Jillian Michaels really is…better late than never ūüėČ ¬† She has really motivated me.
  • To have found a happy balance between eating food for fun and fuel.

Shout out to all my favorite Buddies I have met/collaborated with in 2012 please drop by and tell the RunFYHP set you!

My bucket List Accomplishments Completed 2012:

  • Run another Half Marathon – check….ok 5 more ūüôā
  • Do a Destination Race…check …did 2 ¬†Disney Princess, and Diva Half Marathons. ¬†Which were also my first two weekend away without kids in 12 years!
  • Participate in a 4 person relay ..check. Go “Freedom Mommas” ¬†Freedom Half Marathon Relay
  • Increase my “happy pace” and get faster…check. Hard work and hills are paying off
  • Motivate myself and run alone….check. ¬†Although running with friends will always be great its nice to depend on myself.
  • Make Fitness a Lifestyle…check. ¬†Fitness has become part of who I am, not a chore.

And Lastly a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who generously allowed me to share their pages and products thru giveaways in 2012.  

Thanks for believing in Run Find your Happy pace!!

PLEASE visit them and let them know RunFYHP sent you!!!

Runner Decals Рmini peace runner girls
Road ID Рfree id bracelet
Gone for a Run Рgift card to their website
Lucky Number Tutu РWonder Woman Tank
Handana Рthe awesome Handana
Running Happy РNon-slip Happy Band Headbands
Gypsy Runner Рpink glitter arm sleeves
My Happy Pace Gear Рt-shirt of the winners choice
Bell Plantation PB2 Рa sample box of PB2 & more!
Active Bands – headbands
York Sign Shop  РFind Your Happy Pace Bling Holder

Run the Race LLC – t-shirt


Check out My Guest Post on Piper’s Run

Just sharing a link to my guest post I did on a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador’s Blog.

Check out Piper’s Run for my blog on balancing being a military wife and runner.

Piper’s Run

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JM 30 Day Shred Challenge Starts Black Friday

I am coordinating a group event through my Facebook page starting Black Friday and would love for you to join us. ¬†We will be doing…

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred  (DVD)

In honor of the event I ¬†have also renamed Black Friday “Pink and Sporty Friday!” ¬†Want to join us? ¬†You can find the link on my Facebook page under the events tab click here.

The challenge will start on Friday November 23 and run until December 22. ¬†I have previewed the program and think it’s the perfect workout for this busy holiday season. ¬†Each Session is just under 30 minutes (including warm up/ stretch)…trust me you have 30 minutes for you! ¬†It goes by in a flash.

  1. Items needed:  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD*
  2. Hand weights (you choose the weight that is right for you)
  3. a mat (optional)

*available at Target, Walmart and Amazon


The program consists of  3 levels (3 separate workouts) You will move up to the next level at your own pace.  Jillian also shows modifications for beginners and intermediate levels within each workout.

I will be posting on the events page regularly and am hoping those that participate do the same.  Motivation and accountability are key for any program.   Healthy tips and recipe sharing is encouraged!

So lets motivate and support each other.  Wether you want to lose weight, maintain weight or tone up this program can work for you.


So are you ready to get a good sweat on?  Join us starting on Pink and Sporty Friday November 23rd.


OK now for a little CYA:

** Please note I am not a certified trainer and cannot give personal advice, our group is for motivation only. ¬†You assume all responsibility / risk associated with participating in this challenge. ¬†But mostly I hope you just have fun ūüôā