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finding my happy pace in running and life

Motivational Monday – Humble Yourself

How often do we ask for things from God yet do not humble ourselves daily to Him in prayer?  I often get caught up in life and miss taking the time to pray and seek His face.  Yet he has told us how important it is, and how much he loves to hear our prayers.

Take your time and pray…thank God for each day.


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Lent Faith and Fitness Challenge

I have to admit the basis of this idea was not entirely mine.  A group I belong to on Facebook was discussing how we would be celebrating the season of Lent.  The idea of a passage a day was passed around and I told her I thought it was a wonderful idea and then “ran” with it 😉  Thus was born the idea of:


I picked Psalms and Proverbs (but if your more comfortable reading another part of the bible PLEASE do! Our goal is to get into His Word.)  I just felt like for those who might be pressed for time but want to participate, Psalms and Proverbs are both insightful, thought-provoking and a great resource to ponder over during your workout.

Read one verse per day, common I know you can 🙂 , and throughout your workout reflect upon what you have read.  I am sure your mind with wander to other things during your workout but try to refocus and bring your heart back to what you have read.  Believe me I know mine mind wanders all the time….oh look a kitten!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 5.02.20 PMDo your best.  Even if that means focusing on the words at the beginning and end of your workout.  Miss a day….no worries, we are not here to judge only to support.  Our time with Him brings Him great happiness.  To His Glory!



Are you ready for the challenge?

Looking for more support and inspiration?  You can also join us on my Facebook Page for the “2015 Time with God Challenge”  

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Starting your Time with God Challenge? Let’s talk Daily Devotionals

Not sure where to begin your time with God journey? Let’s talk about one of the easiest ways to spend time with God. Daily Devotionals.


This was a new concept to me a few years back.  So let’s assume maybe you’re at the same point I was then and maybe your not so sure where to start.

So what exactly is a daily devotional?  A daily devotional is traditionally in the format of a book, with one reading passage for each day.  A preset guide if you will for your journey.  My favorite and a simple (yet powerful, don’t let the word simple fool you) daily devotional is “Jesus Calling, Finding Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young.”  Its format is written in a beautiful conversational style.  It’s as if Jesus is sitting with and speaking directly to you.  Here is an example:

October 6:  “Be willing to follow wherever I lead.  Follow Me wholeheartedly, with glad anticipation quickening your pace.  Though you don’t know what lies ahead, I know; and that is enough!….”

The “conversation” is followed by two or more bible passages.  See simple yet powerful and beautiful.

In our new electronic age there are also online tools you can use to receive daily devotionals right to your inbox.  Here are a few website examples:

Our Daily Bread

The Upper Room

Of course there are many other books and on-line resources.  My suggestion is that you find the one that is right for you.  I have had a books that just didn’t speak to me, or where a bit too advanced for my current walk with God and that’s ok.  The important thing is that you find the one that does speak to you.  It may take some trial and error but it will be so worth!



Time with God Challenge returns for 2015! Join us

I am happy to announce the return of the Time with God Challenge for 2015.

2014 proved to be a wonderful experience and a chance to support each other with faith.  We welcome everyone who is interested in some extra support, faith and love in the new year.  This year I will be including a prayer “wall” that anyone can post to for additional prayers for any struggles they are going thru or any praises they would like to share.

The Time with God Challenge is not meant to put extra pressure on you, to judge you when you don’t spend the time, but rather to support and encourage to work on the THE most important relationship in your life.  No one is perfect and we are a judge free zone.

God is good and I want everyone to know it!  Click on the link to join us for the 2015 Facebook event



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Motivational Monday – Your Gifts, Loving and Serving Others

These days we see so many people getting wrapped up in me, Me, ME!!!  I know I have been there.  Have you?  Our priorities as so easily swayed between all the technology and media we get in our lives in this “modern” age.

One thing I am trying (note: trying) to focus on is serving.  In both my family, my church and my community.  Now that doesn’t mean I have to sign up for every opportunity, show up at every school or church event, or over schedule myself to feel fulfilled.  God doesn’t want us to be constantly overburdened and we certainly don’t need to do good works to earn His love.  For God’s love cannot be earned because it is given to us freely.

Romans 5:5

We’re not ashamed to have this confidence, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
What is does mean is that I need to put God in the forefront of my life.  I need to make Him my priority, by working on my love relationship with him.  In turn I can show his love by serving others with the love of Christ thru my actions (serving), words (caring) and thoughts (praying).    By combining all those things I am loving God first.

Why don’t we share God? 2014 Time With God Challenge Part 2

The pastor that spoke at my church today posed to us the following question:

“Why don’t we share God?”

One reason given as to why many don’t share is “Because we (those who believe) feel were they are not qualified to share.”   He went on to say, you don’t need to be a scholar to share Him.  If you have a personal relationship with God then that already qualifies you 🙂

This is what I am trying to do with the 2014 Time with God Challenge, it’s one of the ways I am sharing God with others.  I know God loves me, has great mercy, forgiveness and grace for me and I want others to know it too.  He already loves you, you don’t have to earn it!

 What God really wants is a relationship with you.  

The second reason given as to why we don’t share was “We don’t know what to do”.  His suggestion was invest in people (care and befriend) and invite people.  As I mentioned earlier in the week on the Facebook event page (click here to join) God already has a place waiting for you at His table you just need to accept His invitation, but how can you if no one ever asks?

Still unsure how to share God in your life?  Maybe this week you could add that to your prayer during your daily quiet time.  Ask Him to show the best way to share.




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2014 Time with God Challenge

My Biggest Challenge of 2014 has nothing to do with running.

The January (and beyond) 5-10 minutes with God daily challenge…..who’s with me?

Blogger Friends :  Interested in participating and sharing the challenge?  

Feel free to GRAB the

2014 Time with God Challenge button on the right!

If you were following me last year at this time you might remember the January 5-10 min with God Challenge.  Well this year I am challenging myself for all of 2014.  I began reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young sometime last year.  This is a great book to help you find the time to spend with God daily.  For this challenge you don’t need this book.  Any devotional, the bible and even just quiet time with God will do.  Will I be 100% successful?  Maybe / maybe not, but isn’t HE worth trying to spend even 5 minutes a day with?

The most important thing in my life needs to be God.  Everything else in life will fall in line, no matter what the year brings, as long as I put God first.  For only He can help me to find my “Happy Pace” in running and life!  I hope some of you will join me!

Click here to join our Facebook Event Page for weekly motivation!

Want to share the challenge with friends/ family?

Feel free to share the challenge through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag:


(this is not for publicity, its to get the word out and hopefully bring people closer to God in 2014!)

Lets bring God back into all our daily lives!!!!  Here is to a blessed 2014.