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What’s Best for Me in 2014?

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while.  It’s not an easy one for me to write.  Thanks to my running buddies who I reached out to for support, I can now write it without a heavy heart. So here goes….

2014 will most likely be a nearly race-less year for me.  A time to take a step back and keep the mileage low.  I have been so blessed the past few years to have been able to run and travel to many, many races.  It helped me so much in keeping my motivation and sanity throughout my husbands many deployments.  However this year I have come up against scheduling conflicts with nearly EVERY race I have wanted to enter.  Does it hurt?  Yes to be honest it does, however I need to put my family first and I know it’s the right thing to do.  I am so proud of my kiddos and I know they won’t be “kiddos” forever.  Although the feet say go!  The heart says stay.

Am I done with running?  Hey, hey now just you wait a minute there mister!  Put your pants back on!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I just don’t see myself doing any half marathons.  I do however see some virtual races in my future 🙂   If an “actual” race comes up that I can fit in my schedule, I hope to be able to do it, if I am ready and able.  In the mean time I will continue to support others in their fundraising efforts with things like Team in Training.  

Although I know it’s the right decision it hasn’t been an easy one to admit.  I let myself fall into the trap of “racing makes me who I am” instead of  “running is a great part of who I am”.  After weeks of feeling down right sorry for myself I have finally decided to take some really good advice from the following friends:

~ The Sub 30 Club and “Suck it Up Princess!”  and keep running


~Courtney from So Many Miles, So Little Time, who told me “It is TOTALLY OK to not run 5 half marathons or 14 in 14 or do every online challenge you come across.”

Therefore, I am going to make 2014 a great year in so many other ways!  Physically I am using my time to get healthy (my IT band is still acting up) get stronger (more focus on weight training and yoga) and work on eating healthier (thus the year of the veggies).  I also recently went low carb, not exactly the eating style of champion runners, lol.  (more on that in future blogs.)  I am also really excited to put an even bigger effort into growing in my faith.  Because God made me to be the best me I can be whether I am running half marathons or not 🙂

So I hope you all stick with me and I promise to keep cheering you on from the sidelines!  

Have a great year everyone, no matter what you do.  Be your best, have fun and find YOUR happy pace!!!




Motivational Monday Aug 26,2013

I hope this post motivates you to take action.  Do your self exam, make your appointment, and join me in raising funds to find a cure through my Pink Awareness Virtual 5k, 10k or half marathon.  Very cool swag included 😉  Check out all the info in the events tab on my Facebook Page.


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Pink Awareness Cupcake Virtual 5k 10k Half Marathon

My family and I are proud to be participating in Komen for the Cure in October.

I have a strong and close family history of Breast Cancer.  My aunt, mother and most recently one of my sisters has been affected.  I decided it was time for me to make a personal effort to help aid in the fight against Breast Cancer.  I have committed to raising as much money as I can for the cause with the  help of my friend over at Running In Sanity and our Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity.

So today I am happy to announce that in addition to my Breast Cancer Non-slip Headband fundraiser (for info on that click here) Running In Sanity and I are holding a Virtual Pink Awareness Cupcake 5k, 10k or half marathon.  Not only will you be supporting a great cause you will get a beautiful two-tone pink glittery (because a girls got to have sparkle) diecast custom medal.

 I will be running for my mom, sister and aunt….who will you be running for?

click  to register now:

Look for Pink Awareness Cupcake on the right hand side

5k 10k or half marathon $20

International Races $25

Here is the proof of the medal.


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Super Cupcake Now Open for Registration!

Registration is now open for our latest cupcake virtual run!  

Super Cupcake!

In just over a year Running In Sanity and I have raised over $11,000 for Team in Training!  Wow!  Amazing!  And it’s thanks to all of you who have participated or shared our events!

Super Cupcake info:

Race & Medal $20

Race & Medal International $25

We will be following the same honor system that we’ve had in place for all of our virtual races. You register for our race (5k, 10k or half marathon) and then run your race whenever and where ever you are.  The ‘official’ race day will be September 7, 2013.  But, you are welcome to do the race any time before or after!

 The Super Cupcake medal will be a 2 1/2″ diecut medal and the yellow will be in glitter 🙂

super runner2

This is the final design for the medal, it has been approved by our medal production company.  There will be a limited quantity available for this medal, and registration will remain open until capacity is reached.  Updates will be placed on both my Facebook page Run Find your Happy Pace and also the  Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity Facebook page.

 Please note:  This is a diecut medal, it does take time to get it produced from our production company.

 Medals will not be mailed until approximately August 26.  But, do not delay in registering.

 The only way to guarantee your spot is to register early!

To register you must have a PayPal account, click here for registration ….    Virtual Super Cupcake Registration

All funds raised from the Super Cupcake virtual race will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training.

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The Latest Virtual Cupcake Race! Firework Cupcake for July

Because you can never have too many Virtual Cupcakes right?  It’s another awesome virtual race benefiting Team in Training (TNT) .

July Firework Cupcake

5k, 10k and Half Marathon 

Custom Diecast Cupcake medal, Patriotic Red, White and Blue.


(medal will be based on this artwork and will be cupcake shaped)

Also there is a great Band from Running Happy in a red, white and blue chevron pattern, super cute!


Click on this link to go to Running In Sanity’s Page for registration.

USA participants

$20 Race and Custom Medal

$25 Race, Custom Medal and Band From Running Happy

International Racers

$26 Race and Custom Medal

$31 Race, Custom Medal and band by Running Happy

Thanks once again for supporting Team in Training!


Running for a Cause

This weekend I will be running Nike Women’s Half in DC with Team in Training.  I am super excited, and I think that is why taper week has been making me a little crazy.


This will be my first race with TNT and my 3rd half marathon this year.  Admittedly I was getting a little worn out with the long training schedule.  Due to my husbands deployments I have not been able to fully participate in the group TNT training runs much.  But my coach…Coach Bob, has been wonderful and always kept us in the loop.  He is a great coach and very enthusiastic! I am so glad he will be traveling to DC with us!  Thanks Bob!

Last weekend we had our local TNT sendoff party.  I am really glad I was able to attend!  My friend Cara from Running In Sanity and I have raised money, trained thru deployments, sick kids and all that fun stuff for the last many months.  it seemed like this weekend would never come.  I want to thank the coaches that spoke at the sendoff because they gave me a renewed spirit for running with TNT in DC.

“We are running for something more than ourselves, something bigger.”

That’s just what I needed to be reminded of!


Our local co-ordinator, Josh, who is also an almost 5 year survivor spoke to us about his journey.  Josh is a soft-spoken great guy, very sweet, very humble.  He spoke about how 4 years ago he could not walk from the chair to the bathroom without his wife’s help.  Last weekend Josh completed his first 50 mile….yes 50 MILE trail run!  Amazing!

Running In Sanity, Josh and Me

Cara (Running In Sanity) Josh our co-ordinatior and me

So I am really excited about the race and sporting my purple Team In Training Shirt.  It’s soooo not about time, or PR’s or me…. it’s about completing the journey for someone elses benefit and that makes this race very, very special.

A HUGE Thanks to all of you who have supported Myself, Running in Sanity and TNT through our series of Cupcake Virtuals.  

I am brining good thoughts of you all along with me on Sunday!  Give yourselves a pat on the back too, without you I would not be in DC on Sunday.  I did my last official training run today wearing my Team In Training shirt.  Now to pack…..



The Sparkle of all Virtual Cupcake Races!! Now Open

It’s here!  I have teamed up once again with Running In Sanity for the best Cupcake Virtual Yet!

The race will be super special for two great reasons.  1) both Cara and I are celebrating our birthdays in May and 2) Custom Diecast Cupcake Medals…wohoo!  So what better way to celebrate than with…

“Sparkle Cupcake Race” 2013

This will also be a choose your own distance race.  5k, 10k and you asked for it a Half Marathon options!

The virtual race will be held anytime around May 24th.

Registration MUST close April 22 so sign up quick!  

(This is due to the custom diecast medal design.  We will do our absolute best to get your medal to you by May 24th, if you are within the USA)

The medal will be based on this picture, we are hoping to add the  year  in addition to the sparkles 🙂  We love sparkles.

We will update the medal design as soon as we can.


Non-Slip Happy Bands will be in this cupcake design:

cupcake ribbon

Prices are as follows: Registration closes April 22!!

Diecast Race medal and cupcake Happy Band $26

Diecast Medal only $20

Happy Band only $8

Click Here for Registration – top right of the linked page


Virtual 5 Mile – March for Babies Register Now

In April Running in Sanity and I are helping raise money for the March of Dimes by sponsoring the 5 Mile March for Babies.  We could use some help for this great cause.

click here to register 

The 5 miles can be done as a walk, run, bike, jog, even a stroll at the beach or park!

Here is the adorable artwork for the medal.



We are also offering non-slip Happy Bands in this great black and white zebra print from Running Happy.


Cost of the 5 mile march is:

$26 for the March, Medal and non-slip Happy Band

$20 for the March and Medal only

Thanks so much for your support of March of Dimes!

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Sunday’s “Inspiration for your Perspiration” 3/3/2013 – Sandy Hook Memorial 5k

Friday I ran a virtual 5k in memory of the lives lost in Sandy Hook, CT.

Until now I have not  publicly blogged about the event.  It is close to my heart as I not only grew up in Connecticut but my sister lived in Sandy Hook for many years.  As she described it after the tragedy Sandy Hook is a quiet and lovely New England town,  things like this shouldn’t happen here, or anywhere.

This year my youngest, Mr. Cutsie-face,  also started kindergarten and that could have been his, or any of our kids class, friends, teachers, principal.  When I heard the news, like many of you, I cried, I broke down and I prayed.  In fact I did so more than once.  Even today I prayed while running and felt the tears welling up.  With sadness and anger I have turned to the Lord to help me with my feelings about Sandy Hook and all the lives lost.  I cannot imagine what any of the families, friends and relatives have been and continue to go through.

However I think the town of Sandy Hook has set an inspiring and faithful example to us all.  They refused to let this tragedy define them, rather they have chosen to let is strengthen them both faithfully and as a community.

God will ALWAY reign over evil…always.

So Friday I ran for those lost, those who have found God through this tragedy, my own family and yours.  I also found a special place to hang my medal.  Even though I did Disney Princess last weekend I felt this medal deserved a place all its own.  I have hung it in front of my treadmill next to the pictures of my own children as a reminder to me of how special they are and to never forget


Sandy Hook





God Bless and have a wonderful week.




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MRTT Winter Runnerland, Did I PR? And Channeling my Inner Giada

I ran Moms Run This Town Winter Runnerland this past weekend.  We got some snow/ice here in Virginia Beach on Friday (we ran on Sunday) and so me being the “cold” wimp I have turned in to, I was not looking forward to it.  You would never know I spend most of my life in CT.  I freeze when its anything less than 50, lol.  Along with my weather woes I have been following the Run Less, Run Faster Plan from Runner’s World lately.  Run less…yes, run harder DEFINITELY!  So my running mojo was a little off.  However I am happy to say I L O V E D the 10K.  First off what’s not to love about running with 25 other MRTT mammas!  Whohoo!  But I absolutely fell in love with the Cape Henry Trail that runs through First Landing State Park.  I have a secret inner passion for trail running.  I have hiked there before with the kids, but had never ran this trail before.  Despite the patches of snow/ice left over from Friday, it was a beautiful run.  I felt good, my pace was very comfortable and I hit my Happy Pace for sure.  I think it will just be one of those great runs you wish you could always have.

We did an out and back for the 10K.  On the way out I mostly ran alone.  There was a group ahead and a group behind so I never felt alone.  On the loop back I hooked up with a few ladies and it was nice to chat and keep, what was for me a very good pace.  Did I PR?  I think I did.  You see I use Runtastic, problem is I keep my phone in my iFitness belt.  I had to turn it on before we headed out so I could get it in there.  By the time we took off I think it was on for about 1-2 minutes.  So there is a very good possibility I did PR 🙂  So happy.   Gives me more confidence for The Disney Princess Half.

P.S.  Gotta tell you I really enjoy the ladies from my chapter of MRTT.  I recommend checking to see if there is a chapter in your area too.

Channeling my Inner Giada

As in Giada De Laurentis.  😉  Why?  Well first and foremost my husband thinks she’s a hottie…true story.  I have also been trying to work on eating cleaner and making more things from scratch.  Tonight I tackled homemade vegetarian meatballs.  And I killed it!!  Wahoo.  Now I did not create the recipe, but I didn’t mess it up either and for me that’s saying something.  Never the greatest cook I do have my occasional bright spots.  This is one of them.  These are my pics, aren’t they adorable 🙂  (yes I am a proud “meat”ball mama)

veg meatballs

Here is the link to the recipe if you would like to try them for yourself.  It was from the New York Times Well Section  Click here    Vegetarian Lentil Meatballs